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. >>> hey, thanks for joining us on hln. i'm natasha curry. our top story, a fourth body discovered after a midair collision. a small plane collideed with a helicopter, both fell into the hudson river. new york mayor michael bloomberg says it's believed all of the nine people on both aircraft were killed. here is how witnesses described the crash. >> there was a plane, a small plane like a cessna cutting back towards new jersey side. helicopter heading southbound about 1100, 1200 feet. the plane rolled into the helicopter, hit the side of it of the helicopter went straight in the water. there was a poof of smoke and a bang. it went further down hit the water by the w hotel and came down, a couple of pieces. >> what did you think when you saw it. >> tragic, bad. you look up and you see all the planes going around here and it's hectic. unfortunately this thing happens. the fact that it does happen -- it doesn't happen more often is crazy. >> it was turning, went down first. about three, four seconds later, i saw the wing for helicopters. there's no wing for helicopters, it was the rotor bla
the latest information. the fourth hiker is at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. >>> to canada where a stage collapsed in the middle of an outdoor music festival killing one person. police say 15 other people were injured at big valley jam boree in alberta. a storm quickly rolled in while some 15,000 people were watching the festival yesterday. the crowd started to evacuate. that is when the stage came crashing down. police say emergency services helped rescue some people trapped under that rubble. >>> a man who caused a lot of nervous moments at laguardia airport has been forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. he's accused of bringing a fake bomb to the airport yesterday. as susan reports -- >> reporter: a bomb scare disrupted flights for hours. >> it's sad. >> reporter: 32-year-old man approached this checkpoint. a law enforcement source says he began intoxicated and was carrying a backpack. outside in plain view were two square batteries with wires sticking out. when asked not to move, again, allegedly failed to comply. he looked at though he was trying to wish a switch but nothing h
but it is not clear whether all of them made it out of the building. >>> the u.s. military says 51 u.s. soldiers in iraq were diagnosed with swine flu. the associate press reports all of them have fully recovered after treatment but 71 other u.s. soldiers suspected of contracting the virus remain in isolation. ap says iraqi health officials have confirmed the country's first case of swine flu death. the woman was from the southern town of najaf. the u.s. military is testing any soldier with a fever or sore throat. >>> a public funeral is being held for 8-year-old robert manuel. his body was found in a canal in boise, idaho. he disappeared after leaving his mother's apartment on july 28th. police are investigating his death as a homicide. there is no evidence the boy was abducted by a stranger. manwill was visiting his mother. >>> president obama is flying to mexico for a two-day summit to meet with leaders of mexico and canada. they are expected to work on trade, immigration and drug trafficking. clean energy and the economic crisis are top priorities. all three countries have strong ties to the
who pulled the baby from that burning car. news4's jackie bensen is live for us in manassas with the latest. what a disturbing story, jackie. >> reporter: the officer told us that baby was a tiny girl. just about 7 months old. ine shs okay and is okay. she was strapped in a car seat. w noe driver of the w understa driver's licenseok rev some time ago. lshe a'so facingll i aegal immigration charges. now we have pictures for you. n't know if you can see em .h they areth pictures ofhe the t t it looked leheik wn a prince williamouolnt pyniciceff oer came upon the scene offf tsh crh on rug by ad, c5:45 this g. olice say the driver accelerated when the officer tried to s htoppim for speedi. e officer followed atlo a sr s speed and encountered a terrible scene. smoking car engine and man trying to stumble away. >> baby in the car. >> reporter: what did you do? >> went and started to try to find where the baby was and get into the car. couldn't get into the driver's side. went around the the passenger's side and able to force the back door open. >> reporter: the driver's hospital
? >> in some cases, yes, because dogs, animals are so innocent they cannot protect themselves from us, the humans just like children. and those are our victims that absolutely have no recourse. and i think that's why people are so touched and so outraged when animals are taken advantage of like this. but, look, you can't keep him in forever. he's out. he did his time. i say get on with it and quit giving him any attention. >> would you go to a philadelphia eagles football game and watch him? >> no. >> all right. >> i would not pay for a ticket that would support michael vick. what are they going to do with mcnabb? he's all scrubbed in sunshine. you have vick over the corner, a convicted felon that made dogs fight to the death. now, that's certainly two ends of the spectrum for the philly eagles. >> nancy's answering your questions. they're coming up. ( crack of bat, cheering ) not playing with the kids? not on these legs. poor leg circulation. doctor says it's p.a.d. peripheral artery disease? hmmm. more than doubles your risk for a heart attack or stroke. so i hear. better ask your d
and will they not come out in the next couple of years then? brian: tell us what you think. have the clunkers worked for you have you bought? are you a dealer? the president of the united states an interesting tact yesterday. after going a couple of days without talking about health carat all he sat down with what he considers, some consider, a conserve fife talk show host -- conservative talk show host and had a 25-minute interview in which he took some calls. gretchen: he did. and the president laid out four things that absolutely must be in his idea of what health care reform is here they are. gretchen: must be deficit neutral. i'm not sure what that means. do you? peter: based on the h.r.3100 or whatever number, the big bill is, that there will be an impact. so i don't know where that's coming from. gretchen: it must bend the cost curve. he sounds like an ee condition mist. peter: that's another word for rationzing. gretchen: thank you, peter. insurance reform for all despite preexisting conditions. we've heard that before. peter: and there's agreement with the republicans on
. he spoke to us by phone from new york. >> mr. shriver was really an authentic american hero. the work that she did touched honestly millions and millions and millions of lives and when you look at the shriver family between special olympics and the peace corp. and best buddies, they really apit mize what public service is all about. mr. shriver was such a role model for so many people around the world, certainly in our local area and this is a huge loss for our community. >> she met him en he was a classmate. we have much more coverage of the life and legacy of eunice kennedy shriver on our website, attached to the story you'll find a slide show and the entire statement issued by the special olympics about her passing. >> a woman who went to check on a relative's cat end up the victim of rape. it pp haedenin loudoun county whe e erthedsheriff's departmen is looking for help in solving the case. peggy fox has the story. >> i can't believe something like this would happen. >> in this area. >> you wouldn't expect a crime like this to happen out here, where fiel
be a good time for mr. ridge to use his emergency duct tape. frances townsend, a cnn national security adviser and political contributor paul begala. do you believe tom ridge is trying to sell books here? >> absolutely. i will tell you, anderson, it is interesting to me. secretary napolitano, the current secretary asked a bipartisan group to consider suggestions to improve the terror alert system. i'm co-chairing that group. we asked for secretary ridge to express his -- see the group, talk to us and express his concerns or suggestions. that was less than three weeks ago. he never mentioned concern about politicization. >> in 2005 he said publicly and it was quoted in "usa today" at the time though people didn't pay much attention, more often than not we were the least inclined to raise it. sometimes we disagreed with intelligence assessments. sometimes when the intelligence was good you don't necessarily put the country on alert. there were times when people were aggressive about raising it and we said, for that? clearly, he was expressing divisions. he didn't talk about politics in p
>>>p >>> hurricane bill lo strengp strength overnigf beaches in the u.s. tr tp the impathe impac peop people living along > n libphis victimhis vic voicivoicingp voicing ouvr release. anp u.s. a showishowinp showing dissh wr was welcomed home>>. separated when they were young long-lolong-losp long-lost together. ther thetheir emotional. welcome welcome tor we. hop hope you are having rw hendricks starting with the weather at this hour hurricane bip bill lobill lost strer forecastep forecasters wfo categop categorycategory maximp maximmaximum sustaind categop categorycategory maximp maximmaximum sustai miles per hour. outrouter bandp outer b alreap already droppialreada whep where high surf from t ip is poundiis pounding lo. t o u.s. the national weather service sap says dangerous surf co wip will last through the . ap and the national hurric centcenter 9 ntncea b coul streng!en it passes betwee rdanhudthu. coast. >>>r >9 >>> bem!rmy eed bermuda's weather service isca aleralertp alert, remaalerh tropictropical storm warning r in effect there. forecasteforecasters say p
. >> reporter: the president blames his opponents to use scare tactics to create misinformation and told the cheering crowd what will be scary is if nothing is done soon, gran junction -- grand junction, colorado. >> how could the government pay for its own health care system. he said -- raising some taxes on people making more than $250,000 a year. >>> also this morning governor martin o'malley wants to cut hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for local governments. he's looking to fill a budget shortfall. the governor says $250 million in state aide could get the ax affecting not only local health departments but also police, community colleges and money for roads. >>> michael phelps is still feeling the effects from thursday's car crash in mt. vernon. he says his ankle is still sore and in the message this morning on his official facebook site, phelps expresses some concern for the woman who police say caused the crash. she was ticketed for running a red light. no one seriously injured. phelps will resume training monday. >>> safety in the skies the next time you try to hop on a
have been griping about some time. derek ward joins us live with the story. d derek? >> four people were injured before 4:00 p.m. three victims lived down the street. they have all been hospitalized including a 12-year-old fighting for his life. police say the vw passat driver and three passengers was stopped at ridge road and morning star drive. the driver, 20-year-old kapur was northbound attempting to make a left turn on to morningstar when the ford work truck came up from behind. after the in pact both vehicles ended up beyond the intersection in the southbound lane. >> we're fortunate that somebody traveling in the other direction didn't become involved in this collision. >> it's sad. very sad. crying. the driver was crying. >> residents of the community say sadly not the first serious accident here. >> three accidents here within the last two years. and two buses over there have not. this year. and we have one a couple years ago. >> those with driveways who faced the heavily traveled road say it can be a frightening experience coming and going. >> near misses every time. you t
and thanks for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. we'll have more on a rain- soaked weekend in the forecast. >>> michael vick makes his return. it didn't take long to appear in his first game of the on se 'll hear from vick coming up. >>> and also ahead this morning, they were nine y oung students to help fight intolerance and change the makeup of america's classroom. green, a member of the little rock nine, will join us. >>> danys istill a tropical storm. s bunot so strong any more. the storm has weakened over the atlantic. winds are just about 40 miles upe hounpew.o ical storwaa tch for oaast c is still in to affect today as l swells ctxeedpel toexpected to dangerous surf and life- threatening rip currents. and it's possible danny may regain speed. >> 76 degrees here in the d.c. area. and we turn our attention to tucker barnes and what is going on with danny. > we've had a lot going on. h adwe unththrstorms overnight and wor flooding overnight in baltimore. and we're starting with clouds d humidity and the hpotential of more halfy rain here in washington. not d
a spoof that's also becoming quite a big hit out there. >>> the u.s. military just found the remains of a u.s. navy pilot who was shot down during the first few days of the first iraq war more than 18 years ago. lieutenant commander scott speicher was originally declared dead but his status later changed to missing because his remains were never found. nbc's jim miklaszewski joins us from washington with all those details. things have changed now, mick. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alex. sho shortly after the iraqi came forward, the u.s. military, the pentagon, even then-secretary of defense dick cheney were so convinced back there on the first day of the gulf war in 1991 that scott speicher was killed when his f/a-18 hornet was shot down in western iraq that he was declared dead. but subsequently because his body was never found, and in fact the wreckage was eventually located and his flight suit was found intact. it raised the possibility he in fact survived the shootdown of his fighter jet and he may have been taken into iraqi custody. under saddam hussein in an iraqi
. a reminder, ted kennedy served in the u.s. military. many have never known that without the kennedy in the senate. >> it's a time and memory and just means a lot to them to your kennedy family and all that they have contributed to us. and to that country. >> we should all do something good in this country and not just stand back. they gathered at the family compound for a private mass overlooking the ocean, ted kennedy once loved to sale. >>> and then the half dozen or so vehicles, began the long slow 70 mile trip to boston. they went their way out there in their life. and that is where he announced their bid for the presidency in 1980. and the ceremony will be on saturday at articlington national cemetery. for the next two days, he will lie out there to propose that in boston massachusetts and people are already lining up to pay their final respects. they will actually extend the hours if there is call for more time for people to say good- bye. >> from what we have seen today, there will be. >> they now have an open senate seat for the first time in 25 years. now the questions are,
. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm michelle guillen. >>> claudette made landfall in the florida panhandle early this morning, the first named storm to hit the u.s. main land this year. claudette moved onto the shore at ft. walton beach as a tropical storm with maximum winds of 50 miles per hour. the storm dumped heavy rains in some area but is expected to weaken over land and is not expected to cause significant damage. forecasters have been watching two other storms over the weekend. ana, headed toward the gulf of mexico, is dying out. bill is farther away but potentially the most dangerous of the three. hari sreenivasan has more. >> reporter: claudette came ashore less than a day after forming over the gulf coast. ana is already weakening, but bill has forecasters watching and worrying. >> it does look like, first of all, bill is going to be the first hurricane of the season, probably the first major hurricane of the season. >> reporter: forecasters recently scaled back their predictions for this year, saying they expect only 10 named storms instead of
. >> our cnn terrorism analyst, peter bergen talking with us from kabul, afghanistan, who happened to be in kabul during the time of this explosion. peter, thanks. we'll talk with you again. since it is the top of the hour, we want to bring viewers who might be joining us up to speed on the news out of kabul, afghanistan. one hour ago, an explosion oc r occurred on the streets of the capital. defense ministry spokesman tells the associated press this was a suicide car bombing. the attack happened, we do know this, near the headquarters of nato and the u.s. embassy. we have seen video of the smoke. here's the street scene of what occurred just after the explosion. we have also received video into cnn of people who were injured and people being administered health care by rescue teams there on the scene. and so we'll continue to get more information about what happened, how many were injured, was anybody killed? we have on the street for us, as well, atia abawi of our team there in afghanistan. she joins us with the latest. atia? >> reporter: natalie, we're still waiting on more inf
to get involved. meltdowns, throwdowns, shoutdowns, every day this week has revealed to us a new page in the how to behave in a public forum handbook. those health care town hall meetings, we've seen the spectrum of human behavior at these events. roger, take some of this video. here is one end of the spectrum. a town hall meeting with sceptor brown of ohio. no raised voices. people stayed in their seats. civil conversation. there is this one from two days ago. you think people were shocked to see this. you bet they were. outraged. that's texas representative sheila jackson lee unbelievably with all that's been going on at theseton hall meetings, taking a call on her cell phone while one of her constituents is trying to ask her a question. she told the woman in the audience, go ahead, i can hear you, while she is talking and listening on the phone. we are going to play that whole incident for you, the entire thing in just a minute so you can see it for yourself and judge it for yourself. that's important. >>> watch this. the bottom of the screen. this is in missouri. we were critical
and twitter. we're both on facebook. make sure you john us every week for your money. >> saturday, 1:00 p.m., sunday, 3:00. have a great weekend, everybody. >>> do you own a clunker? there is time to cash in on the government's cash for clunkers program. live at a dealership in maryland. >>> security scare at la guardia airport, we'll tell you who was arrested and why. >>> michael vick is back, at least part of the way. >>> the u.s. humane society is forgiving him. why? i will ask the ceo. you are in the "cnn newsroom" where the news unfolds live this saturday. i'm fredericka whitfield. >>> call it a government program that is a victim of its own success. so many of you signed up for cash for clunkers rebates that the well is almost dry. yesterday the house approved $2 billion for it however. but until the senate approves it some are becoming wary. >> reporter: auto dealers thought it was the deal they couldn't and wouldn't pass up. what was the reaction when the program really started moving? >> when we saw the influx of business, the people coming in that were actually ready to
know you're following that for us. >>> and we just want to give you a quick look at how we got here. laura ling and euna lee were arrested march 17th after allegedly crossing into north korea from china. they were working on a story on human trafficking for al gore's startup media venture, current tv. then in june the pair was convicted of illegal entry and so-called hostile acts. in a close trial they were sentenced to 12 years of hard labor. now, let's go ahead and chart the clinton connection. you've got ling and lee and they work for current tv which is owned, of course, by al gore. and then al gore was clinton's vp, the former president, married to secretary of state, hillary clinton, now in africa. no role, by the way, in bill's private mention. so, you can see the connection to all the players going on right now in this. so, is this just one big photo-op or a turning point in one of the world's more dangerous disputes? let's ask our international security analyst, nuclear weapons expert also and president of plowshares fund, he joins me live from washington. joe, let's just l
coast of the u.s. is next. chad myers watching every move. >>> some call it mercy. others a travesty. scotland's release of a libyan bomber was controversial enough. his arrival back home? outrageous. >>> and a former swimsuit model murdered. her ex-husband charged and on the run. we're pushing forward on the manhunt. >>> hello, everyone, i'm kyra phillips, live at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. you're live in the "cnn you're live in the "cnn newsroom." -- captions by vitac -- >>> warnings go out as hurricane bill closes in on bermuda. waves are already picking up, as we can see in these pictures from one of our i-reporters and along the u.s. east coast people are being advised to keep a close watch on the big storm. it's not expected to make a direct hit, but it's still going to produce some pretty dangerous riptides and mess up a lot of weekend plans. bill's impact is expected to be felt all the way from florida to new england and actually into canada. chad myers tracking hurricane bill for us there in the cnn severe weather center. what's going on, chad? >> i
a partner you said to go past cnn. gretchen: join us for the after the show show. have a fabulous monday, everyone. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute megyn: good morning, everybody. health care reform is on the verge of all-out political war. a senate democrat ramping up talk of an explosive packed act that would pass a bill -- an explosive tactic that would pass the bill with zero republican support. chuck schumer saying that his hand is on the new button. >> the bottom line is that we prefer a bipartisan approach, which is why senator reid and president obama bent over backwards, this bipartisan bill was supposed to be done after a series of deadlines. at some point soon after we get back, if we do not have a bipartisan bill we bill never be able to meet the goal of having a bill signed into law by the end of the year. yes, we are considering alternatives. megyn: that is where we begin this morning. welcome, greg. gregg: good to see you. you can feel him edging closer to that music button. megyn: he does not
was stolen and left in an italian orphanage. he joins us live with his dramatic story. >>. >> a jewel heist out a hollywood movie. how did crooks steal sz 65 million worth of jewels s in d how did crooks steal sz 65 million worth of jewels s in d daylight? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning, alongside chris cuomo, i'm robin roberts diane sawyer is off on this wednesday, august 12th. president obama becoming a sort of fact-checker in chief. >> he hasn't seen the ugly scenes we've seen elsewhere, he's the president after all. but look at los angeles this morn, people lining up for free health care. >> so let's begin with our senior white house correspondent jake tapper with the latest on the owing battle over reform. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the debate over health care reform dominated by the president's opponents but he's seeking to regain moment ul and in doing so, has raised the stakes in this furious fight. >> you and your cronies in the government -- >> reporter: summer recess no day at the beach for many members of congress. democrats contin
. the money will be used to improve infrastruck fur for trains to travel up to 95 miles per hour along o interstaid 95. it would run between peetdersburg and the district. >>> a memorable night for paul mccartney. it caused some to miss the show. there weren't any accidents or problems. it was just the sheer volume of traffic that caused the backup. it was comparable to that of a redskins home game. one limo driver expressed his frustration. >> a true night mair. people were driving me crazy to get here. go around, go up the shoulder, go up the other shoulder, do this, do that. >> well rs we were told the concert was great and mccartney even add addpecial song to the was a song that micheld the president would want to sing for someone in his e. wusho us >>> for some students in our tho e,uswo schools in arilendxaae, run on a modifiedenal cdaada whh puts kids back inhen t classroot nd early bright a tomorrow morning e students a inla css nine week and then have a break for about three weeks. >>> a frightening fall for a philadelphia teenager as he drove his father's kaur off the
morning. thanks for joining us. today is thursday, august 13th. kenny burns is in for vacationing angie goff. he will have the traffic in a moment. kim martucci is here and i love this time of the year because i'm ready for football and fall. >> fall foliage and all the fun things that come with fall, minus the rogue crazy snowstorms. we will put those on hold. it will be 86 today. good morning, everybody. by the way, stay tuned later in the show we have adorable penguin video. yes. let's get started. look around outside. we have partly cloudy skies over us. more clouds to the east toward the delmarva this morning out there is a stalled front. i was talking to my friend at my live chat room at my blog, scott. he is interacting with us from norfolk they got six or seven inches all at once down there. we are not dealing with that. isolated thunderstorm chance to the east today and south. middle 80s over the district with a northeast wind five to ten. headachierstown has joined the crowd with the 70s. 71 washington county, maryland. 72 andrews. 75 dc and over to cambridge and the eastern
with a burial here in arlington national cemetery. megan mcgrath joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: senator edward kennedy will be buried with congressional honors saturday evening. an army firing party will fire a volley and a bugler will play "taps" during the ceremony. visitors will be able to go to arlington. it will be open on saturday. but they will be kept away from the kennedy burial site. he was a son o massachusetts. but the liberal lion spent much of his time at his second home here in washington. ted kennedy's years in the senate along with his two years in the army qualify him for burial at arlington national m cemetery much his grave expected to be 95 feet south wrf the eternal flame burns in memory of john f. kennedy. also buried at the site, brother robert. >> the hope rises again. >> reporter: while ted kennedy spent much of his life in the public eye, his burial service will be private with only family and friends in attendance. visitors wishing to see other parts of the cemetery will be able to do so but will be kept site. and robert e. lee house on the hill al
, good morning to you. >> hello, everybody. it is a weekend. we are happy you could join us on this friday and we are happy about what we are seeing here on 395 northbound at duke street them accident scene taking up all lanes is cleared. hopefully the delays will break apart. right now the head lights are stacked up to itle. take it to brookeville. georgia avenue is closed between brookeville road and market street. this is because a driver we are told drove in to a pole we have downed wires there. crews will be out there for a long time. moving over to 270 from germantown to 370. a good amount of volume. no accidents. on 66 eastbound in virginia we are slow in one spot from 50 to 123 and this point nutley to the beltway you are okay. on the inner and outer loop you are all clear. andrea, over to you. >>> at one past the hour it has been a rough first week back to school for thousands of children in prince georges county. a big scheduling problem has kept them out of class. now we're learning officials knew about the problem well in advance. digital correspondent, armando t
shultz is joining us in the studio. here are the top headlines. nbc news obtained dramatic video of the air collision over the hudson river. it's incredibly disturbing to watch. a warning to people. it captured the moment where a plane and helicopter collided and killed all nine board. >>> a final farewell to eunice shriver kennedy. friends and family are gathered today in massachusetts to say good-bye to the 88-year-old humanitarian who is most notably associated with the founding of the special olympics. >>> thousands pay their respects to navy pilot scott speicher who has shot down during the 1991 gulf war and remembered as a hero to his family and his country. >> he represents the best of the best. he was committed to living by a higher standard than most. he honored his family. he honored this community and he truly honored our great nation. >> speicher's remains were just identified a few weeks ago. >>> i want to introduce my co-host this morning. each morning on msnbc live, i welcome someone to join me for the morning. pleased to have back carrie ellerksvelt. what an inter
you a great day. thank you for joining us. >> eric: take care. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. crash above the hudson. photographs, exclusive to fox news, show the tragic moment when a single engine airplane collided with a tour helicopter sending them both plummeting to the hudson river below. nine people are feared dead. ongoing investigation continues to unveil brand new information about just what happened. good afternoon from washington. i'm shannon bream. we continue to follow the news from new york where the airplane went down 24 hours ago. laura ingle on the jersey side of the hudson river. what can you tell us about the latest efforts there? >> we have watched the divers all morning long and i learned family members of the helicopter pilot are across the river in new york city at the medical examiner's office. they have the grim task of identifying their loved one. other family members of the other victims have been there as well and we understand that the italian tourists, family members of the italian tourist at the medical examiner's office last night as well. five
'll be joined by three of the top political analysts who will tell us whether the president has lost the battle for health care legislation. >>> and chaos in california. from fires to prison riots, a wild animal invasion. did we mention california's massive budget problems? we'll have that special report. >>> we begin tonight with the president taking his taee ing he plans to the west. he was at a town hall meeting in belgrade, montana. the president challenged the way in which television news organizations are covering town hall meetings being covered by congressman. president obama says tv loves a ruckus, as he put it. but the president said nothing new about his health care proposals. ed henry traveling with the president reports from big sky, montana. >> reporter: the president's town hall was gentle by congressional standards, but he did get one pointed question about his health reform plan. >> we keep getting the bull. that's all we get, is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. the only way you're going to get that money is to raise our taxes. you said you wouldn't. >>
. >> our coverage doesn't end here. go to and tell us what you think and look for the web poll on our home page and posted the entire press conference there for you. >>> out of metro, two bus drivers have been fired. another re-enstated following investigations into several recent incidents. the driver back on the job was accused of talking on the cell phone. spencer said an investigation revealed the driver was calling metro to report a mechanical problem and the bus was not moving. as for the fire driver, one is accused of refusing to let a customer off the bus after a verbal dispute. the other was busted driving a su-- suspended license. >>> another sports star making headlines, gold medal swimmer michael phelps was involved in a car accident in baltimore. he was driving an suv last night when another car ran a red light crashing into him and no one was hurt, alcohol was not a factor in the crash. >>> a former area police chief is going to jail. david baker spent 19 years as alexandrea's police chief and a dui charge ended his career. he plead guilty to drunk driving. k
, 2009. we're glad you're with us. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and for the latest on today's weather and what danny could bring. but first coming up, they rush to get d.c. classrooms ready for students now the same workers were shown the door after a modernization of schools. we'll talk to mayor adrian fenty coming up. >>> and congress works back to work in a couple of weeks, but during the break members en been getting an earful one congressman will join us during the 8:00 hour. >>> we are tracking tropical storm danny. the storm is picking up steam with top winds of about 65 miles per hour. it's expected to pass the coast over the weekend. from the carolinas up to cape cod could see some rain and high surf. >> let's check in with tucker barnes and see if it's good to head to bethany. >> you can see it's showing signs of upper level winds. i'll have more taildes deon dan nwh and where it may track over the next t abaninouh4 wa . shon gt washington weathe it will be summery out there with sunshine and the possibility of a few scattered showers d outhunderstorms. genleal cl
escaping custody. 20-year-old devin champagne was being channels importanted thursday night before he used his handcuffs to choke the deputy before fleeing. he visited his family but dependent stay long. if you have any information, you are asked to call howard county, police. efforts to close the state's $700 million budget shortfall could mean less money for local governments. today martin o'malley announced a recommendation from his budget secretary to cut $250 million to local governments. o'malley is scheduled to bring more than $400 million dollars in cuts this month. he made the announcement at the maryland association of counsell summer conference in ocean city. >> gorgeous saturday outside. a little butt of humidity, but not much. it is gorgeous to be outside. the radar picking up a few light rain showers down toward places like frostberg. not anticipating that to reach us here. temperatures, 87 in baltimore, 84 at b.w.i., 83 in dover and ocean city. we are still at 90 in frederick. for tonight, the clouds will clear out a bit. we could see a few areas with patchy fog as temperatu
. that's the show tonight. we thank you for being with us. next, campbell brown. -- captions by vitac -- >>> tonight, hear the questions we want answered. is michael vick for real? >> the hurt and the guilt that i felt and that was the reason i crashed so many nights. >> the nfl star who went to prison for running a dogfighting ring tells "60 minutes" he's a changed man. is he just manipulating the media to get back in the game and cash in once more? michael vick's apology tour. >>> also, why would anyone bring a weapon to a town hall with the president? >> in america people have the ability to fight back and to resist. >> it's not against the law but is it way over the line? >>> plus tonight's "newsmaker." milwaukee's major beaten with a pipe after he tried to stop an attack on a grandmother and baby. >> the mayor was willing to stand between that guy and defenseless and suffered significant wounds. >> we'll tell you how he's doing tonight. >>> and the truth is out there. the british government shares its secret x files on aliens and ufos with the world. >>> hey, there,
accused of shooting a 5-year-old girl. megan gilliland joins us with the latest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. the attorney for lamont davis, says the video you're about to see, proves that his client is innocent. it proves that his client is not the one who shot a 5-year-old girl. lamont davis faces first degree newer defirst-degreefirst degre. but davis who had been arrested 15 times before says he is innocent and his attorney says he has the evidence to prove it. the department of juvenile service, says quote, we placed him on gps, the highest sanction the department has and we were monitoring him in realtime. attorney lynwood says it is that gps system that will help him prove his case. this video shows a man walk along pulaski street and opening fire. you see the crowd of people hovering a young child, but the video shows a shooter who is not wearing one of these gps units. one part is worn and the other monitors movement. the defense says that this shooter is only wearing socks. the shooting happened on july second, but it wasn't until july 16th that
. that allows you then to use the purchasing power of everybody who's in the exchange to get the best rates from the insurance companies. that right away would drive down the premiums that you'd have to pay. and the second thing we want to do is for employers who are doing the right thing and providing health insurance that is real, then we want to give you a tax break so that it's easier for you to make your bottom line. now, this is something that a lot of small businesses will benefit from. nobody's talking about it. and small businesses are the place where you're seeing the fastest job growth. it makes sense for us to provide this kind of protection. this i guarantee you will end up being an important component of whatever we pass out of washington. all right? i've only got time for one more question. it's a guy's turn, and i want somebody who's got a concern or is skeptical about health care reform. here we go. there we go. i knew we could find a couple here. so, i'll call on this gentleman right here in the pale blue shirt and hopefully that list is not too long. all right. go ahead. intro
all night. she joins us now. a couple of people are in serious trouble here with the faa? >> right, john. one employee wasn't even in the building where he was supposed to be. the other on the telephone. this alleged bad behavior came to light in the ntsb's crash investigati investigation. >> reporter: as investigators studied the amateur video to find out what led to the terrifying midair crash over the hudson, there's more stunning information. an air traffic controller who was handling the piper airplane was on the phone with his girlfriend at the time with the crash according to a source with knowledge with the investigation. what the faa calls in a statement, "inappropriate conversations." and there's more. the faa says the air track controller's supervisor was not in the building at the time as required. >> put in the tower to do the job. if they're not doing the job, people can die. and in this case, apparently they weren't doing the job. >> reporter: our source says the air traffic controller had cleared the plane for takeoff from teterboro airport in new jersey before talk
government reacted sharply that u.s. authorities made it clear, neither did they want a compassionate release or prisoner transfer, they preferred compassionate release. >>> serious accusations after a devastating bombing in baghdad. iraq foreign minister said it must have been an inside job. the government said high-level security personnel have been detained. at least 100 people were killed in the strength of attacks. more than 500 wounded. it was the country's deadliest day since the u.s. pulled combat troops from iraqi cities nearly two months ago and left security in the hand of the iraquis. he thinks more serious attacks will occur. >>> the president may be vacationing in martha's vineyard but that doesn't mean he can forget about work. planning a local tv ad campaign for martha's vineyard. the conservative group has spent $150,000 on the ad urging president obama to drop the government-run insurance option. >>> death toll from typhoon battered taiwan that jumped to at least 650. the country's premier calls it the worst weather disaster to hit taiwan in 50 years. authorities believe mor
. craig melvin joins us from starbucks on capitol hill where the bernankes' story begins to unfold. >> reporter: earlier this week it was announced he would stay on as fed chief. around the same time some documents began to surface details how bernanke's wife stop at this starbucks became part of a complex and elaborate scheme. >> our assessment is for slower growth but positive growth into next year. >> reporter: last fall while fed chairman ben bernanke was trying to figure out how best to resuscitate an ailing economy he was dealing with money issues at home. around 11:20 in the morning on august 7, 2008 as his wife sat at a table inside this starbucks on capitol hill, someone swiped her purse off the paback of her chair. inside the purse her wallet, credit cards and money, and social security card examine checks. six days later $900 went missing from ben and anna bernanke's account. while it's not known how much the thieves stole from the fed chief and his wife, investigators believe it's merely a drop in the bucket. here's a look at the scope of the scheme. they say the 89 kno
it all out for us. >> reporter: brian, tonight this driver's union says she was the first casualty of metro's zero tolerance policy. they charge the agency acted too fast and are urging she be allowed back to work. a blogger says he shot this picture of a metro bus driver on her cell phone behind the wheel late last month and at the time metro's general manager seemed to be saying that driver would be out the door. >> yes, we have been able to identify the individual who's involved and we will take the appropriate action. and the action for speaking on a phone or texting on the inate termination. >> reporter: but her union says not so fast. the group claims the driver had to use her cell phone to call in a malfunction because her radio was broken and says there should even be a recording of the call. the union denies the bus was moving and s ymetro jumped the gun saying, quote, "reported incidents of cell phone use by employees should be investigated fully prior to taking any disciplinary action." some passengers we talked to agree. >> i think they acted too quick because of -- [ i
, neck, and arm. a spokeswoman tells us she was a very well-respected employee and had attained the rank of ceo. police telling us no suspect or motive in the case. >> tonight baltimore city police are looking into a shooting in west baltimore. sky team 11 flew over the scene. we are told the man was shot at north fremont ave. police have not identified the victim. no word yet on a motive or suspects. a police involved shooting is under investigation. a pair of officers were patrolling hazelwood avenue when they tried to stop the late model toyota camry. police say the driver through the car in reverse and tried to run down an officer. that is when shots were fired. the driver was able to escape on foot, but a female passenger was shot. she was taken to the hospital. if you have information, you're asked to call the police immediately. >> the church and vandalized. the pastor says he believes it is a scare tactic courtesy of a local game. it happened in the 600 lots. melissa carlson joined us live with the latest. >> the homicide victim was not a member of the church, but the pastor said
glad that you're with us on this tuesday. i'm christi paul. welcome to "hln news and views." so good to see you. breaking news we're learning about today regarding michael jackson. he'll be laid to rest on what would have been his 51st birthday in glendale north of los angeles on august 29th. that's next saturday. a family spokesman says the singer will be buried in the cemetery's great mausoleum which features replicas of the works of michelangelo. the ceremony will be limited to family and close friends though. remember, jackson died on june 26th. >>> his family though may file a wrongful death lawsuit against the late singer's concert promoter. a family attorney says jackson's family thinks aeg live played an active role during the last six months of his life and apparently paid for dr. conrad murray's services. remember, murray is at the center of a criminal investigation into jackson's death. >>> i want to let you know we are getting breaking news in. we're just learning here journalist robert novak has died. his family says he died of cancer. the longtime columnist was a cnn ho
right. they carried extra water, had all the right equipment and used their self-phones to call 911. after the injury they both hiked to a clearing spot. >> dramatic pictures. thank you. >>> right now president obama's signature domestic issue is health care reform. he is struggling to be heard over voices of opposition. >> now the president decided it is time to fight fire with fire at a town hall meeting of his own today in new hampshire. >> for all the chatter and yelling and noise, what you need to know is this. if you don't have health insurance, you will finally have quality affordable options once we pass reform. i don't think government bureaucrats should be meddling. that's the health care system i believe in. >> angry critics stealing much of the national spotlight as they confronted other members of congress at other town hall meetings. check out what happened in missouri. >> hey, hey, hey. hey. okay. ma'am. okay. everybody sit down. >> not only did the debate get physical in missouri, look what happened at senator arlen specter's town hall meeting in lebanon, pennsylvani
thanks. we thank you for being with us tonight. for all of us, good night for there new york. next, in for campbell brown, john roberts. >>> tonight, here are the questions we want answered. president obama pushes his health care plan in montana, but is everybody buying what the president is selling? >> we keep getting the bull. that's all we get. is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. >> reporter: plus, michael vick returns to the nfl after two years in prison for dogfighting. >> i was wrong for what i did. after everything that happened at that point in time, my life was wrong. to this day, i can't understand why i was involved in such pointless activity. >> not everyone is welcoming him with open arms. >> i'm just a little upset with it, because i'm such an animal lover. >> crazy signing. i don't know what they'll do with the public relations part of it. >> has vick paid enough of a price for his crime? >>> and the stories you may have missed this week. chuck grassley's blast at the president, and the town halls that didn't turn into shout fests. >>> plus,
off the propofol. he lowered the dosage and used two other sedatives two days before jackson died. on the night before jackson died he caved in to his demands and gave him propofol again. he also gave an account of what he says happened in the hours before jackson died. according to police documents he says he gave jackson four different drugs. this is a time line. about 1:30 in the morning he gave jackson ten milligrams of val valium. then he had two milligrams of ativan. then versed. about 5:00 a.m., more ativan. at 7:30 a.m., more versed. he monitored him in the entire time he was given the drugs. he made repeated requests and demands for propofol. he gave jackson 25 milligrams of propofol at about 10:40 in the morning. ten minutes after giving jackson propofol, dr. murray said he went to the restroom. when murray came back just two minutes later he says jackson wasn't breathing. however, murray's attorney dismissed that particular part of the time line. he says murray never told police he found jackson at 11:00 in the morning not breathing. what does the jackson family have to
, an andy reid offense that i think will be unheard of in the nfl. >> if they sit him on the bench, make us look bad for having michael vick in town, it was a stupid signing. >> and the signing pleft peta outraged. the animal rights group was disappointed that the frafla -- philadelphia eagles would choose to sign a man who hanged dogs from trees. vick acknowledged he has a lot of work to do on and off the field. >> playing in the nfl is a privilege and not a right. >> as the season gets underway, the debate is sure to rage, whether it was right to let him play again. wbal-tv 11 news. >> a grand jury has handed an indictment in connection with the death of former ravens quarterback steve mcnair. prosecutors secured an indictment of adrian gillian, jr., charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. gilliam is accused of selling a firearm to mcnair's girlfriend two days before his murder. >> the accused trigger man in the death of a federal witness, carl lackl is sentenced to prison. jonathan cornish plead guilty to gunning down lackl as he stood outside his home with his daughter ne
'll be buried in arlington national cemetery near his brothers. >>> 44 u.s. troops have died in august. the latest is an american serviceman who was killed in a militant attack today involving a roadside bomb and gunfire. more than 60,000 u.s. troops are now in afghanistan. >>> l.a. police say former model jasmine fee yorery may have been killed in her car. they found her mercedes benz in a parking lot yesterday, and now they're checking it out for clues. meanwhile police in canada are searching for the car driven by a woman who dropped off fiore's husband at a hotel before he killed himself. police might have a lead. >> we have what you could call circumstantial evidence. we know -- we know for a fact that ryan's father, dan jenkins here in calgary, owned a silver p.t. cruiser which matched the description of one found outside a hotel in british columbia. we know a vehicle similar to that one is now 700 miles to the west of us in vancouver, british columbia, parked in the building where ryan's half sister helena now lives. >> they say they cannot file charges against a woman who drove
this. and this will be a learning experience for all of us here. >>> good afternoon, i hope the day's been good to you so far. well, let's talk about former president bill clinton who is in north korea. these are new pictures that are just coming into us, meeting with top leader kim jong il there. clinton is hoping to win the release of two merge journalists sentenced in june to 12 years hard labor. laura ling and euna lee were arrested in march on charges that they entered the country illegally. now north korea media reported that clinton delivered a message on behalf of obama. the white house calls it a private mission. robert gibbs released a statement saying "while this solely private mission to secure the release of two americans is on the ground, we will have no comment. we do not want to jeopardize the success of former president clinton's mission." >>> meanwhile, iran is finally confirming that it has arrested three americans who were hiking in this area here in iraq. iran says they've been charged with illegal entry for crossing an unmarked border. secretary of state hillar
ladies said, don't leave us here like this. tell somebody what is going on here. at the know how they treating you. -- let them know how they treating you. >> we left a message. it when we called back a third time, we were told he left the hospital. >> the united medical center used to be greater southeast hospital, primarily serving people east of the river. there in the process of renovating several areas of the hospital. >>> it to metro bus -- two metro bus drivers have been fired. he refused to let a customer off the bus, and the second was arrested on july 30 for driving with a suspended license. a third operator was photographed using a self on the bus. we have since learned at she was reporting a mechanical problem. she was not fired, but was reconstructed on operating procedure. -- reconstructed -- reinructed. >>> the flames started spreading at the dairy farm about two hours ago. all of the animals were ablto escape. >>> it is official, michael veeck is back in the nfl after weeks -- michael vick is back in the nfl after weeks oafter his jail release. >> i made a horribl
for health care reform. >> we keep getting the bull. that's all we get is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. >> you are absolutely right that i can't cover another 46 million people for free. >> reporter: obama has been ramping up his fight for reform as opposition has been mounting on both sides of the debate. the plan to provide end-of-life counseling is being dropped from a senate version of the bill after conservatives like sarah palin said it would create so-called death panels. the topic came up between senators arlen specter and chuck grassley yesterday in a kind of twitter feud. specter writes "called senator grassley to tell him to stop spreading myths about health care reform and imaginary death panels. chuck grassley said "specter got it all wrong that i never used words death boards. even liberal press never accused me of that. so change your last tweet, arlen." white house spokesman robert gibbs this week said misinformation like this has put the administration on defense. >> one of the reasons we've pushed back is because of those misconceptions. have
. we have a rather nice summer day underway. puffy clouds up above us right now. tom will join us now to tell us what we can expect for us and for tonight's redskins game. >> hey, tom, good morning again. >> delightful summer day underway, air not too humid. just a few clouds floating through. by kickoff tonight, in baltimore for skins and ravens at 7:30, temperatures should be in the upper 70s and shouldn't be too humid. looks like a good night for football, partly cloudy through the game. just a small chance of an isolated thundershower perhaps around the region by early evening. th by later in the ening things should improve. right now temperature 81 in washington. we're in the upper 70s in montgomery, arlington, fairfax and prince george's county. farther to our west, in the mid 70s. mid an upper 70s around the bay. current dew points are in the 60s. not too humid. just slightly humid on the eastern shore. temperatures in the upper 70s now. it is more humid there as well as southeastern virginia and the outer banks. lower humidity out in the mountains where they're still in the co
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